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Cost n' Mayor Flip the Mix SS22 Comeback Coming Soon

Austin and Marideth Telenko, popularly known as “Cost n’ Mayor” are a dance and choreography duo whose routines are as synchronous as their couple-hood. Their chemistry has captured the hearts of more than 4 million fans who enjoy their dance content across social media every day.

Their dynamic videos have also captured the attention of fortune 500 companies, leading the duo to choreograph for household names like Target, Lexus, Amazon, Budweiser, Disney, JC Penny, Royal Caribbean and many more. Most recently, Cost n Mayor choreographed Topher Grace and Karla Souza in ABC's hit show Home Economics, and a series of music videos produced by Mastercard.

Cost n’ Mayor are extremely passionate about telling stories and creating memories through dance, and love sharing that experience with fans around the world!


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