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Dawn & Cher Hubsher tWinning w/ Dawn & Cher AW22 Coming Soon

Dawn and Cher are most known for starring on the hit TV show 'sMothered' on TLC where their "twinning" mother-daughter style has both intrigued and captivated fans. Together they co-authored the book 'A Bond That Lasts Forever' which details how they became so close, while also providing the necessary tips and tools to other mothers and daughters who desire that same close bond.

This dynamic duo first came to the spotlight when Cher’s sixteenth birthday was featured on MTV’s 'My Super Sweet 16'. They are renowned for looking alike and dressing alike, yet still maintaining their own unique fashion flare! Dawn lives by the motto "When you look good, you feel good".

They prefer to dress comfortably yet fashionable. Cher, being a new mom, says that she “lives in workout clothes and loungewear”, while Dawn, being the gym rat that she is, can always be spotted in similar attire. Fashion has always been a big staple in their lives and after their success with their podcast - Chattermouth Podcast, they decided to expand their brand.

tWinning w/ Dawn & Cher Collection - the place where mothers and daughters of all ages can match with their own unique style. Where comfortability meets fashion, where fashion meets glamour and where glamour meets lifestyle!

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