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Would You Love Your Own Clothing Line?


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own fashion brand or clothing range, but wondered where to start? It may seem like something only mega-influencers or global celebs can do. But now you can too… with SewSew You!


Our SewSmart system enables social influencers like you to create and sell your own clothing or accessories without the hassle of dealing with ordering systems, shipping, and manufacturing. All you have to do is design, post, and profit.


But, that’s not all…


It’s Clothing Made For Life, Not Landfill

Influence Your Brand, While Influencing The Planet!


Did you know, of all the garments purchased right now, a whopping 50% will end up in landfill as Fashion Trash! But when you launch your fashion collection, you’ll instantly become part of the solution – quality, sustainable eco-garments that reduce landfill, while making your fans feel even more connected to your brand.


SewSew You only produces Zero-Waste, Eco-Friendly, On-Demand Clothing. So when you join us, you’ll appreciate knowing your personal brand isn’t associated with the eco-damaging “fast-fashion” practices that are burying our earth.


It’s Ridiculously Easy To Use!


We take care of everything! We’ll work with you on design, and handle the on-demand manufacturing and fulfillment. You’ll be set up with your own shopping page to send your followers to while you do the fun stuff – like telling your fashion design story on social and showing fans your cute personal brand items they’ll adore!


And the best thing is you don’t need cash to pay for fabric or manufacturing! And you don’t need mountains of stock on hand taking up space and cashflow! We do all that “boring and hard stuff” and send you money for every garment sold!


With little effort, you get more creative freedom to expand and grow your clothing line and your social brand. The only limits are the depths of your imagination!


Our On-Demand System Means More Profit For You!


To create your own clothing line there are usually “minimums” you need to order. And if you want to offer multiple looks all at once – the cost adds up fast! Ready cash can be a problem and stock gathering dust doesn’t bring good energy for your brand. But our platform uses a sophisticated Made-To-Measure, On-Demand system that lets your followers enter their height and size on your shop page, and once they order, our tailors sew the garment from scratch – and fast too! Without the burden of carrying stock, you don’t have to worry about any risky expenses.


How Does It Work?


You’ll get to have very own sustainable planet-friendly fashion brand in a revenue share program with us. You become the fashion designer and then do what you do best – influence! You’ll promo your collection to your fans, while we take of the sustainable manufacturing and all the steps in the supply chain.


How We Support You From Influencer to Influential Designer…


  • We can help with Design Ideas if you need them!
  • Regular, Fresh Collection Releases
  • Fabric Selection (Sustainable and Planet-Friendly)
  • Creating Logos & Brand Packages (if you don’t have them already)
  • Crafting the ‘Origin Story’ of Your Fashion Collection
  • Recommending Pricing
  • Dedicated Landing Page (Your Shop)
  • You’ll use our established E-Commerce Platform
  • Product Description Copy
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
  • … and more


Imagine Now… Your brand as Their #OOTD!


Whether you’ve always dreamed of having your own clothing line, or just realized what a fun idea it is, SewSew You is ready to make it happen for you! Expand your influence, grow your brand, save the planet, have fun and make money! With all that, can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t have your own collection too?


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