Helping Children to Help Themselves

Manila is among the most populous cities on earth with poverty being a considerable issue.  

Particularly poverty among children. Two million children are estimated to live below or on the poverty line.



These children suffer from exploitation, neglect, hunger and abuse



In an effort to change the lives of these children, Sew Sew You is working closely with the Tuloy Foundation

Tuloy has provided residential care and educational opportunities to thousand’s of children since 1993 Sew Sew You together with our Influencer and Celebrity Brands   will donate 2% of revenues from your purchases to the Tuloy Foundation in support of its inspirational work.                         


Graduates of Tuloy Foundation have gone on to become international ballet dancers



Culinary Chefs



Athletes representing the Philippines in sports



The Tuloy Foundation is extremely proud of the work they’re doing And the achievements of its graduates so far. But there is so much more that can be done With your support… They’re ambitious about making a difference and how many more former street children… Can be given the chance to live safely and look optimistically towards a brighter future. Your purchases are making a difference