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About SewSew You

SewSewYou is the brainchild of entrepreneur and fashion designer Sarah Chessis – but underneath it all,

SewSewYou is all about YOU!

We've un-earthed a once hidden truth – on demand clothing doesn’t need to be expensive. And, fabrics and dyes don’t need to be toxic. By discovering these two fundamental truths and deploying them in her business she started to question what can be done to put a stop to waste and fashion over production  – fashion that clogs our landfills and fills our air and waterways with toxic byproducts.

 But that’s only the surface.

 You’d be devastated to know that somewhere between 10 - 50% of garments produced around the world today will end up in landfill.   20% of global water pollution come from fabric dying.   

 So, having already figured out how to produce on-demand clothing, that was non-toxic and affordable (thereby saving wasteful returns and fashion trash), Sarah joined forces with a supply chain powerhouse,  and SewSewYou was born.

 Did You Ever Dream Of Being a Fashion Designer?

 Sarah did. And she knows all about the excitement, but also the stress of the fashion business. Cash flow, dealing with suppliers and customers, bookkeeping, and website maintenance isn’t exactly glam – but someone has to do it.

Sarah decided she wanted to help anyone who wanted to have their own quality clothing range do exactly that. So she developed the SewSmart Manufacturing Model which allows people to become fashion designers without the stress of holding stock, running their own website, and all those other tiresome chores that come with running a fashion label. Budding designers can simply design, promote and fulfill that dream!

 So, the other side of SewSewYou - is about YOU!

 And because every item is produced on-demand from the highest quality recycled fabrics, at affordable prices everyone wins - the planet, our designers and their customers. 

SewSewYou is holding the fashion industry accountable. And our mission is to reduce garment landfill. Forever. Because it’s no longer acceptable to produce throwaway garments, not now in this modern world when we have the technology to do better.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey. 

The SewConscious Shopping Code
Clothing Made For Life, Not Landfill


If you share our vision about socially conscious fashion, and desire to be part of the solution, then you’ll also agree over-ordering and wasteful returns don’t make any sense.  

So of course, as you shop today, think mindfully about these things and your selection. You can always contact us first if you need help with sizing and fit.