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With her contagious energy and mission to motivate, Megan Ewoldsen has built a loyal following through her social media platforms.

While always active, Megan started to double down on fitness after her first child. Now, as a fit mom of three, Megan focuses on health, fitness and dancing from TikTok trends in the living room to waltzing around in the ballroom. All this surrounds Megan's passion to create a confident quality of life. There is a balance when being a mom and she reminds her fans that there needs to be some "ME" time in order to be there for others.
ME Threads was designed to be bold and edgy to empower women and connecting them with their inner “rockstar.” The pop of color in the collection reminds women to stay fierce and radiate confidence as they show up every day—striving to be their best version of “ME” they can be.

ME Threads SS22 Collection launched May 12th - May 17th, 2022
ME Threads SS22 Comeback Collection launched July 28th - July 31st, 2022
Best of ME Threads AW22 Collection launched November 7th - November 9th, 2022
Chill AW22 Knitwear Collection launched December 6th - December 8th, 2022


SSY Megan Ewoldsen