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“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes  hunger and unhappiness.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

We produce every garment on demand.

Fashion has never been more accessible than it is today. But at what cost…?   Processes brought about by globalization and industrial competition have created vast amounts of over production and with it, pollution, garment landfill and exploitation. 

Some hard facts:

  • The global apparel and footwear industry accounts for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions releasing  four metric gigatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. (Quantis 2018)
  • The total level of fashion waste is expected to be 148 million tons by 2030—equivalent to annual waste of 17.5 kg per capita across the planet. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)
  • Over 50% of workers within the fashion industry are not paid the minimum wage in countries like India. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)
  • More than 50% of the emissions from clothing production comes from three phases: dyeing and finishing (36%), yarn preparation (28%) and fibre production (15%). (Quantis 2018)
  • Water-thirsty plants like cotton are linked to water depletion and accounts for 30% of all textile fibre consumption. (McKinsey 2016)
  • The volume of water consumed by the global fashion industry is 79 billion cubic meters equivalent to 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)
  • Nearly three-fifths or 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made. (McKinsey 2016)


On a Mission.  

We are on a mission to break and reset this trend.


We make all of our clothes on-demand. We do not compromise on quality, nor will we ever hold product inventory. Period. 

Sustainable Materials

We source excess fabrics, recycled materials and use rolling stocks.  All whilst employ waterless dying techniques. 

We believe that you do not need to compromise on style and comfort to create amazing ethical designs.


We don't keep garment inventory.  Only making what you order. No overproduction, no wasted inventories. Our Mantra: Fashion for life not landfill.    

Loud and Clear Message

By collaborating with some of the world’s top influencers we make sure we send the message loud and clear.

Unique Production

We are a marriage of knowledge and know how.  Combining the expertise from a leading supply chain powerhouse and on-demand industry experts, we have created a unique partnership.

End-to-end Solution

We take care of every detail: An end to end solution, from design creation, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce platform, all the way to consumer delivery and customer service.  On-demand. We’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively.

Carbon Footprint

Our influencers and celebrities share the same values.  Whether its recycled fabrics and waterless dyeing techniques,  or on-demand production we are on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint,  and help in saving the environment.  One garment at a time. 

Made with Love

Everything is made with love, by people who work in safe workplaces, are paid well and taken care of.

Changing the World

Who says that clothes aren’t going to change the world? Our clothes can. But they cannot do it alone. We need the help of the ones who will be wearing them. YOU.

As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”

– Emma Watson


Supporting our community

As part of our continuous effort to address social issues in the countries that support our production facilities.  And our influencers donate 2% of all revenues to the Tuloy Foundation in support of its advocacy in providing residential care and educational opportunities to thousands of children.

Join us, as we change the world, one garment at a time.