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Kenna Sharp IT GIRL SS23

Kenna is a plus size model who has helped to change the fashion industry beauty standards for the better. Having her body type represented, and knowing that young girls get to see someone who looks like them when they go shopping is Kenna's biggest accomplishment.

Kenna was raised by a single mom who has taught her everything she knows, and gave her all of the knowledge and support to become a successful woman who can make it work no matter what obstacles are in the way.

Kenna has a passion for all things creative. Her SS23 collection is inspired by the pops of color on the runways this year, with silhouettes influenced by a mix of the 90's "it girl", and the current "it girl" that she sees everywhere living in LA, but could never find the style in their size.

Every piece is meant to go well as an activewear set, but can also be mixed and matched with everyday clothing for maximum versatility and usage.

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