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Influencer x SewSew You: How It Works -v1

This is Your Chance to Make Your Dream Come True – With Our Help, Of Course!

Just when you thought only Cinderella can have a complete outfit with just a wave of a magic wand – you’re wrong! Our SewSewSmart automation is even better than magic: create and sell your own clothing or accessories without the hassle of dealing with ordering systems, shipping, and manufacturing. All you have to do is design, post, and profit.

Wondering how on Earth is that possible? Just read on below:

How it works
Design Stage

Design your collection using our design tool or work together with our in-house design team in creating a truly spectacular collection!

Your Sales Platform
Weeks 6

From landing pages to your dedicated product pages, front-end, back-and everything inbetween. We’ve got this covered.

Creating The Hype
Weeks 7

Full access to the SSY in-house marketing suite, artwork, videos and content templates to create amazing posts and storylines.

Going Live
Weeks 8

Your products are launched for sale online.

Keep doing what you do best... share your story with your fans and followers

Track Your Sales
login to your portal and follow

Your dedicated portal allows for full transparency. Watch your revenues grow and manage your account.

Start thinking about your next collection!


Now isn’t that convenient?

This is the usual industry practice: To create your own clothing line there are usually “minimums” you need to order. And if you want to offer multiple looks all at once – the cost adds up fast! Ready cash can be a problem and stock gathering dust doesn’t bring good energy for your brand.

This is where we can help you – Our automated SewSewYou App has a  Made-To-Measure, On-Demand system that lets your followers enter their height and size on your shop page, and once they order, our tailors sew the garment from scratch – and fast too!(magic word: Automated)

Cool, huh?

It’s Clothing Made For Life, Not Landfill

Did you know, of all the garments purchased right now, a whopping 50% will end up in landfill as Fashion Trash? Now that you know, don’t be a part of it. When you launch your fashion collection, you’ll instantly become part of our SewSewStainable mission – producing quality, sustainable garments that reduce landfill,  since they are built to last.

SewSew You only produces Zero-Waste, Eco-Friendly, On-Demand Clothing. So when you join us, you’ll appreciate knowing your personal brand isn’t associated with the eco-damaging “fast-fashion” practices that are burying our earth.

We’re more into handprints, so as much as possible, we try to lessen our carbon footprints.

Imagine This:  Your brand as Their #OOTD!

SewSew You is here to make it happen for you!  Expand your influence, grow your brand, save the planet, have fun and make money! With all that, can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t have your own collection too?

Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Turn Your Online Influence into a Sustainable Fashion Income?

With little effort, you get more creative freedom to expand and grow your clothing line and your social brand. The only limits are the depths of your imagination!

So if you think you are ready to reach that dream, feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Register Your Interest" button to your left. And if you just want to say Hi, that’s fine, too!